All Seasons Program

All you'll ever need to know about keeping your home pest-free.
The ALL SEASONS Pest Control Program.
When it comes to keeping household pests out of your home, Hersh Exterminating Service Inc. has been an industry leader for more than half a century. That's because over the years, we've consistently incorporated the most advanced technology available in our treatment programs.
With our ALL SEASONS pest control program, you can rest assured that
your home is protected year-round.

Seasonal changes create different pest problems throughout the year. One-time treatments rarely result in permanent solutions. Only through a consistent, effective program of seasonal treatments will a home remain pest-free.
When you become part of our ALL SEASONS service, your home will receive three scheduled pest-control visits per year, plus as many special service calls as may be needed. Your ALL SEASONS service covers ants, bees, polistes wasps, spiders, mice and many more household insects.
Our ALL SEASONS program -- inside and out.

Inside, our program focuses on treating only those areas where pests hide, live and/or breed. By pinpointing these areas, pesticides are minimized in your living areas, out of contact with children, pets and food.

Outside, we identify and treat potential entry points - particularly around windows, doors, attic and foundation. Applied with the expertise of our trained professionals, our ALL SEASONS exterior treatments provide an effective barrier to keep pests from venturing inside. Polistes wasps try to make a stinging success around your home. Our exterior treatments let them know that they are unwanted and discourage them from setting up their homes near yours.
So, with our ALL SEASONS program, if it seems you are getting fewer pesticides in your home, you're right. But rest assured, you'll also have far fewer pesky, destructive pests.
Hersh's ALL SEASONS program is all you'll ever need to know about keeping your home pest-free.

Our exterminators in Pittsburgh, Butler, Beaver Falls, New Castle, Hermitage, PA or Youngstown, Columbiana, Salem, Warren, Newton Falls, Ohio help customers with removal and treatment.

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