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Bed Bug 3Seeing a few insects in your home now and again may not seem like a big deal, but an unprotected house is an open invitation to pests that could lead to a major infestation. When present in large numbers, termites, ants, bed bugs and other pests can cause significant damage. They can also spread disease and affect your family’s quality of life. A pest infestation in a commercial setting can also ruin your business reputation.

Termite Protection

Termites have a well-earned reputation for causing severe damage to structures. A termite colony can number in the millions and feed on wood 24 hours a day. This can weaken floors, walls and ceilings, which makes your home or office structurally unsound. Termites generally hide behind walls, but you can detect an infestation when these insects swarm or travel toward your building inside their mud tubes. Because termites leave voids inside wood, you can sometimes detect their presence by lightly tapping and listening for a hollow sound. You may also notice sawdust. If left untreated, the damage may be expensive to repair.

Ant Control

Ants enter a building through small cracks in doors, walls and foundations. Once inside, they seek out sources of food. Spraying the ants that you see is often ineffective as they can travel a significant distance from their colony. The infestation will return as other ants follow the trail left by these scouts. Ants can damage wood or uproot patios and sidewalks as they build their nest. They can also transmit disease through their bites and the trails that they leave across floors, countertops and food. Flying ants may also be confused with termites. It is important to identify where the colony is as well as the type of ant species involved so that the correct treatment is applied.

Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs can cause physical as well as psychological discomfort. Their bites, similar to a mosquito sting, can cause a rash along with a secondary infection from scratching. The fact that they feed at night while you sleep may be too unsettling for you to lie in bed. These pests hide in the folds of mattresses, bedding and curtains as well as the crevices of furniture and baseboards. It is essential to use a targeted approach that will kill the eggs and larvae as well as the adults to prevent the colony from reforming. The wrong method may spread the infestation to other areas of your home or business.

Reliable Pest Control

With more than 60 years in the business, we have the experience to identify where these pests hide, which is often in out-of-the-way locations inaccessible to common consumer pest control sprays. Whether you need residential or commercial services, contact Hersh Exterminating for a no-obligation quote on a tailored a solution for your specific needs that restores your peace of mind.

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