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Soldier termiteLaunching a defense to protect your home from invading pests requires a dedicated effort on your part. You have a right to the quiet enjoyment of your abode, but they want what you have. Your persistence in refusing them entry must exceed their attempts to invade your territory. At Hersh Exterminating, we are experts in protecting your home from pests.

Ridding Your Home of Rodents

Rodents are among the most disgusting creatures that you may have to contend with. Often called “mice” or “field mice”, their actual heritage is most likely linked to rats. Rodents come in through holes in your walls or foundation that seem too small for them. Their little furry bodies, pointed nose and long, thin tails identify them as members of the rodent class. They are potentially dangerous to humans because of the parasites that travel with them. Salmonellosis, rat-bite fever and listeria are some diseases that they can carry.

Stopping Termites in Their Tracks

More than 45 species of termites live in the United States, but the three that are most common are subterranean, drywood and dampwood. All of them are destructive, and they are difficult to detect until it is too late. As nonstop eaters, they destroy the wood in your home and weaken the structural members. Termites can enter your house when they swarm, and they can also enter through any wood that touches the ground. The danger that they pose is not to your family. Hiding in the dark and damp spaces where you do not see them, they carry on their destructive consumption of wood until there is nothing left.

Eradicating Stink Bugs

Less than an inch long, the stink bug’s body is the shape of a shield. You can recognize it by its distinctive shape as well as by its disgusting odor. Not harmful to people, it is devastating to farm crops. An accidental import to the United States, it has gained a position of significance in a short time.

The foul smelling odor that it emits is usually associated with its fear, and it is likely a defense mechanism. Gardeners and farmers can find the destruction that it creates by examining plants that bear fruit. By inserting its proboscis into a succulent vine or a piece of fruit, it sucks out the juices. They are small enough to slip through your vents and screens, and they are quick to take up residence in your home where it is comfortably warm in the winter.

Protecting your property requires your full time attention as summer approaches to take note of harmful pests. At Hersh Exterminating, we offer a free pest control estimate to help you assess the extent of your problem. We are here to serve you when you need us.

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