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Even the most well-kept home can be a haven for unwanted pests. The warm, humid summers, wet spring and cool fall weather in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania create conditions that encourage rodents and insects to seek shelter indoors.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs live in upholstery, mattresses and furniture. Some live behind wallpaper or electrical switches. They also live in the seats in movie theaters, cars and trains. You may not know that you have them until you notice itchy welts on your body. These tiny insects can live several months without food. They may enter your home on the bodies of you and your family, on clothing or on other material that has come into contact with an infestation.

Once established, bed bugs are difficult to get rid of. To rid your home of bedbugs, launder all bedding at the highest temperature possible. Vacuum mattresses, cushions and drapes, then dispose of the debris and bag. A professional pest removal service can identify bed bug nesting places and use a variety of treatments to rid your home of these insects.


Termites can cause extensive damage to your home before you know they are there. Termites eat into the interior core of wood and products that contain cellulose, forming extensive tunnels between food sources and nests. Subterranean termites enter buildings through cracks around foundations and live in the soil in nests with up to two million insects. Drywood termites do not need a path from soil to the food source. Instead, they nest in wood including trees, windows, doors and hardwood floors. Small clusters of wings or wood dust near doors and windows are tell-tale signs that drywood termites are present.

To keep termites from entering a building, seal all cracks in basements, foundations and exterior walls. Eliminate moisture from around foundations and route gutter runoff away from buildings. A pest control service has the tools and expertise to identify termite nests inside and outside. Professionals use a number of methods to eliminate termite infestations.


Rodents are not only destructive, rats and mice carry and transmit diseases. Mice can enter a building through small cracks. More worrisome, they can create an entrance by chewing through doors or other building material. Once inside, they destroy clothing, food, furnishings and appliances.

A pest control company with experience with rodent removal can rid your home or business of these unwanted inhabitants. Sealing points of entry, removing sources of food and water, storing food properly, removing nests and using traps are some of the methods used.

To be sure that your Columbiana home remains pest-free, have a professional service evaluate the problem and present a treatment plan. Hersh Exterminating has provided pest control services to western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio for more than half a century. The company uses environmentally responsible products and integrated pest management techniques to eliminate and prevent infestations. Contact Hersh Exterminating for an evaluation of your pest problem and a free quote.

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