Fall Pest Control in PA and OH

In fall months, we'll shut those invaders out in the cold for good.

Cooler weather signals many changes in nature - leaves begin to fall, birds start their migrations south, and summer plants and bulbs go into dormancy. It's also the time when many pests and mice (who normally prefer to live outdoors) most often move inside seeking protection, warmth and food for the coming winter.

The best way to keep pests from becoming a problem is to keep them out from the beginning by implementing fall pest control in PA and OH.

That's why exterior barrier treatments are especially important in the fall. We'll inspect entry points, such as cracks and holes, as well as vents, window seals and door thresholds. Carefully targeted exterior treatments will provide an effective barrier for your home.

We'll also check for pests who've already found their way indoors.

We'll carefully inspect those areas where mice tend to congregate. Then we will apply the necessary treatments to let them know that they should have given a second thought before they sought out your warmth and heat for the winter's visit.

Of course, we'll apply our low-to-no odor system treatment inside your home where needed.

Inside your home, fall pests can contaminate foods and cause significant damage to furnishings. Our ALL SEASONS fall-quarter barrier will help keep pests from crossing the line.

Household tips:

•Inspect your home's exterior carefully for entry points. Seal all cracks, crevices and holes in the foundation, and caulk all windows and weather-strip all doors. Install screens over windows and especially attic vents.
•Clear away any buildups of leaves and grass clippings that could attract pests, particularly around your home's foundation.
•Trim back all tree and shrub branches that touch you home's walls and foundations, as these "highways" can provide easy access entry points for rodents and insects.

Our exterminators in Pittsburgh, Butler, Beaver Falls, New Castle, Hermitage, PA or Youngstown, Columbiana, Salem, Warren, Newton Falls, Ohio help customers with removal and treatment.

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