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Canfield OH and the surrounding areas experience invasions by a wide variety of insects and other pests. While these critters can be annoying and creepy, they also present dangers to your household and its members. From mild bites and stings to life-threatening illness, protect your family from pest hazards ranging from slightly painful to very serious.

Ant Control

Carpenter ants are a common nuisance to northeastern Ohio residences and businesses. While the bite of a carpenter ant isn't poisonous, it can be painful due to the size of their large jaws. In addition, these ants can spray formic acid, an irritant to the eyes and skin. They may be red or black in color and measure about six to 13 millimeters long. Males grow up to 18 millimeters, while queens may be as large as 20 millimeters in length. Their mouths are large, and these big insects move quickly.

Spider Control

While not deadly, the bite of the Carolina wolf spider can cause pain, itching and swelling at the site. Although it won't cause serious harm, no one wants the threat of even minor pain from spider bites in their homes. These spiders are nocturnal, but they do have identifiable characteristics. Large, obvious eyes and a size of 0.04 – 1.18 inches or 1-30 millimeters define their look. They actually have eight eyes, but two are much larger than the rest. The wolf spider's eyes reflect well, rendering them easy to spot at night. Unlike many spiders, wolf spiders' color is neutral and blends into their environment.

The black widow spider presents a much more serious danger. The venom from its bite can cause body aches, difficulty breathing and nausea. Fortunately, except in rare cases among the elderly, very young and infirm, serious illness and death are unusual. Black widow spiders are, of course, black. Females sport red or orange-yellow houglass-shaped markings on their abdomens. Males measure about .75 inches, while females are double their size in length.

Bed Bug Control Services

Once bedbugs infest a home, they can be hard to eliminate. Although their bite won't cause any major harm, it can cause substantial redness and itching. Bedbug bites often look like rashes, making them difficult to diagnose at first. The fact that bedbugs burrow into the crevices of furniture and carpets, walls and flooring compounds the problem, and their microscopic size only adds to the mystery. While it's impossible to identify bedbugs by appearance, a rash-like grouping of red marks signal that you or a family member have been bitten while sleeping.

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These common invaders can wreak havoc on your household. Although many are not serious threats to your family's health, many can cause pain or worse. Some habits help keep ants and certain other insects at bay, but other bug and spider infestations are harder to prevent. While maintaining a kitchen free of messes can deter ants and avoiding bringing used furniture into the home will help avoid bedbug infestations, a professional pest management firm like Hersh Exterminating will keep your home free of the pests that can endanger the health and comfort of your family.

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