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Salem homeowners often find themselves struggling to keep pests out of their homes. Because of the marked changes in seasons in Salem, property owners typically deal with pests throughout the year. Understanding why pest populations are prevalent in this region and learning more about common pests in Salem and the surrounding areas can help property owners be more proactive about keeping pests at bay and dealing with infestations.

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Average highs in Salem range between 32 degrees in January and 82 degrees in July. When the weather is hot during the summer months, pests tend to be highly active. These pests may venture inside in search of food, and insects and rodents that wander indoors often set up a nest in the walls, crawlspaces, attics or basements of a building.

When the weather is cold in the winter, pests look for a shelter from the frigid temperatures and snow. Since food sources are scarce during cold weather, pests may also enter a building in search of food and water during this time. No matter when a pest enters a home, it can be difficult to get rid of these insects and rodents when their populations grow to infestation levels.

Common Salem Pests

Rodents typically enter a home when food is difficult to find outdoors. When food is left uncovered or food spills are not promptly cleaned up, rodents are more likely to become a problem. One problem with rodent infestations is that mice and rats are known to carry dangerous diseases including rat-bite fever and the hantavirus. Rodents can also cause a safety hazard by chewing through electrical wiring in the walls of buildings.

Rodents may be difficult to detect when populations are low. Scratching noises in walls represent one indication that rodents are present. Another way to determine whether rodents are infesting a building is by looking for droppings near food and water sources. Chewed boxes and frayed wires can also be indicative of rodent activity.

Termites are small insects that swarm around the perimeter of a building before losing their wings and making their way into wooden structures. The fact that termites chew through wood means that infestations of the pest cause significant structural damage. Because of the small size of termites and their tendency to nest deep within the wooden portions of a building, it can be very difficult to detect their presence.

Bed bugs are tiny pests that often hide in mattresses, upholstered furniture and clothing. These pests may avoid detection by hiding in small cracks and crevices on the walls. While bed bugs do not carry disease, infestations of the pests are very difficult to eliminate. Bed bugs may bite, and people who have an allergic reaction to bed bug bites experience pain, swelling, redness and itching at the site of the bite.

Hiring a Professional Pest Control Company

While it can be tempting to opt for do-it-yourself pest control methods, the only effective way to rid a building of common Salem pests is to hire an experienced professional. Hersh Exterminating has been providing high-quality pest control services at an affordable rate since 1946. Contact Hersh to learn more about the available pest control services or to obtain a free quote.

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