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Pest infestations can appear suddenly. Unwanted critters and insects can wreak havoc on your home and lifestyle. In Slippery Rock and the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, pests can be a year-round problem. If you have any type of pest infestation, we're prepared to handle it. Here are a few of the services we offer in western Pennsylvania and the Ohio Valley.

Termite Control

Termites are some of the most feared pests. Unfortunately, colonies can remain undetected until they have caused significant structural damage. Termites have evolved to support massive groups of workers, soldiers and breeders on a diet of cellulose. Luckily, the pest control industry has also evolved and is creating termiticides and baits that are highly effective.

Eastern subterranean termites, the most common species in the region, usually enter homes somewhere near the ground level. These infestations may only be detected when homeowners notice wood that has been weakened or hollowed out along the growth rings. Our exterminators receive many calls on warm spring days when winged termites emerge to start new colonies. If you've seen swarming or crawling bugs that look like flying ants, have a professional inspect your home.

Ant Control

Many local homes have recurring infestations of odorous house ants, sugar ants and other ant species that are found indoors. This problem occurs when ants nest under foundations, driveways, concrete slabs and other inaccessible surfaces where household baits can't reach.

Generally found outdoors, carpenter ants prefer damp wood that can easily be excavated to build nests. In nature, they mine dead trees and aid in the decomposition process, but they can also attack homes. You may see large blackish ants measuring about one-half of an inch long crawling around the exterior of your home. In severe cases, you might see sawdust filtering out from behind siding or wooden building materials.

Rodent Removal

Rats and mice can squeeze their way into homes and contaminate food stores with viruses and diseases. Rodents typically enter buildings when the seasons change, but some properties have continual problems if there are ample food sources. Rats and mice are easy to identify. Common field mice and house mice weigh less than an ounce and have small droppings with pointed ends. Rats weigh up to a pound. They have long scaly tails. Their droppings measure nearly one-half of an inch long and have blunt ends. If you have seen rats, mice or other rodents, we can remove the offending critters and protect your home from future intruders.

If your home is plagued by any type of pest, Hersh Exterminating Service can solve the problem. We've been serving customers in Slippery Rock since 1946. Contact us today to learn more about our specialized treatments and all-season service plans.

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