Spring Pest Control Program

Our ALL SEASONS exterior barrier keeps spring bugs from dampening your spirits.

Warm spring rains bring many outdoor joys -- the blooming of flowers, the greening of lawns and the singing of happy birds. Unfortunately, they also bring an explosion of newly hatched and very hungry insects. With so many bugs competing for food, it's no wonder some may seek an easy meal inside your home.

Spring showers often lead to damp foundations, garages and basements (havens for all sorts of pests). Our entry-point treatments will significantly limit potential ant, spider and occasional outside invader problems for months to come. We'll pay particular attention to areas prone to moistness, such as under porches and eaves, around gutters and downspouts, and in flower beds and shrubbery. We will also treat those areas of your home where those pesky polistes wasps like to build their nests.

Any pests that make it inside will wish they hadn't.

For the few pests who manage to somehow stagger in over our exterior barriers, we'll put our interior system to work using a low odor synthetic pythroid.

With Hersh's ALL SEASONS program, voracious pests will find it much easier to scrounge up food outside than to face the challenges of coming inside.

Household tips:
-Spring is the perfect time to begin preventative maintenance against pests in landscaping. Clear away all grass and leaves around your home's foundation.
-Clean all gutters and repair broken downspouts. Check for moisture and open your vents in crawlspaces. Also consider using a sump pump or dehumidifier in damp, leaky basements.
-Clean winter clothing before storing. Moths feed on clothing where perspiration has accumulated.

Our exterminators in Pittsburgh, Butler, Beaver Falls, New Castle, Hermitage, PA or Youngstown, Columbiana, Salem, Warren, Newton Falls, Ohio help customers with removal and treatment.

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