Summer Pest Control Program

In summer, our ALL SEASONS program turns up the heat on the bugs.
Particularly in late summer months, as vegetation outside dries up, many outdoor pests like ants and spiders deliberately venture indoors looking for food and water. People and pets often carry outdoor pests inside.

  • Our exterior treatments provide an effective barrier against invading pests.
  • Sprays and granules are most effective in discouraging pets from gathering around your home's foundation where it is just a short step in through doors and windows.
  • Our inside treatment will also eliminate pests that are brought in accidentally.
  • We will treat potential hiding places for the unwanted pests. Using the low-to-no odor system for treatment, those summer pests don't have a chance of hiding in those cracks and crevices to escape the heat of the summer.
  • In the dog days of summer, the only ones who should be enjoying the cool shelter of your home are you, your family and invited guests. Hersh's ALL SEASONS program keeps it that way.

Household tips:
- Keep all foods tightly covered, especially grains, sweets and fats, and keep your kitchen as clean as possible, particularly in cabinets and around the stove.
-Store pet food in glass and metal jars with tight lids, and don't leave pet food out between feedings.
- If you let your pets outside for exercise, inspect them for fleas and ticks before they come back in. Change and wash all pet bedding frequently. Also, use insect repellents on shoes, socks and pants when you go outside yourself.

Our exterminators in Pittsburgh, Butler, Beaver Falls, New Castle, Hermitage, PA or Youngstown, Columbiana, Salem, Warren, Newton Falls, Ohio help customers with removal and treatment.

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