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Termites 2Residents of Warren enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this Ohio city. Unfortunately, there are several pests that enjoy it as well. When they invade homes, they multiply quickly and rob home occupants of their comfort. These are some of the most common and problematic pests in Warren.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are brown, flat, round and very tiny. They are usually brought home by children or adults and may come from hotels, friends' homes, workplaces and schools. Bed bugs prefer furniture, carpet and mattresses. Since they avoid light, finding infestations can be tricky. Look for their shed exoskeletons, reddish-brown excrement that looks like dirt and a musky smell in a concentrated area. Another sign of their presence is the appearance of itchy red bumps on home occupants. These bumps are usually in a straight line. Scratching them can lead to bacterial skin infections. To avoid sending bed bugs to school with children or taking them in the workplace, have them removed immediately.

Termite Control

There are several types of termites in Warren. However, they all feed on wood, paper and even textiles. They enter homes through tiny dirt tubes they build along the outside walls of buildings. Termites may also tunnel their way under a foundation in the ground or crawl through cracks in window frames. They can destroy structures quickly. Look for swarms of termites, piles of shed wings, gnawed textiles and gnawed wood. If an infestation is suspected but not confirmed, call a pest control company anyway. Waiting too long to treat an infestation will result in thousands of dollars in damages.

Rodent Control

Some of the most common rodents in Warren are mice, rats, possums and raccoons. Some mice may carry hantavirus in their droppings, which can be fatal in many cases. Listeria is often present in rat urine, and rats spread disease when they urinate on furniture, carpet and belongings. Possums often dig through garbage cans and can become repeated nuisances. They have been known to bite when approached by adults, children or pets. Bites can become infected, and some possums carry rabies. Raccoons are more common carriers of rabies and are much more aggressive. Never approach rodents. Always call a pest control professional instead.

Do not treat any pest infestation with DIY methods. These are proven to be ineffective and dangerous. In most cases, ineffective treatments only cause certain pests to look for a harder-to-find place to hide. Only professionals have methods and substances that are less harmful and highly effective. Do not put family members' safety at risk to save a few dollars. For affordable and effective removal of these pests and several others in Warren, call Hersh Exterminating today.

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