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Bed Bug 3Happy homes come in all shapes and sizes, but those happy homes can turn unhappy in an instance with a bed bug, ant or rodent infestation. Throughout the year, these specific pests find their way into homes in both usual and unusual ways, from hitching rides on used furniture to chewing holes through the walls. When pests place your home under attack, fight back with Hersh Exterminating.

Controlling Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have hit the comeback trail recently and invade everything from homes to hotels. Schools have also taken drastic measures to fight bed bug infestations in the carpets and lockers. These pests get into your home usually by accident; you may have bought an infested piece of furniture from a yard sale or stayed the night in an infested hotel. The bed bugs latch onto the furniture or your luggage and move into your home unnoticed.

Though bed bugs don't spread diseases, they do bite humans and feed on blood. Bed bugs live and breed in the furniture, carpets and bedding, and they multiple by the thousands in a matter of months. These pests resist many over-the-counter remedies, making it hard to eliminate the infestation with conventional methods.

Ant Control

A single ant may look harmless enough, but just one ant can lead hundreds of ants to your home. The scout ant leaves behind an invisible pheromone trail for other ants to follow. Even if you scrub the counters and the floors, ants can detect the smallest crumbs or sweet spots and swarm to the area. Once inside, these small pests invade pantries, countertops and sinks in search of food and water. If you don't act quickly, the colony can relocate just outside your house and cause more problems in the future.

Removing Rodents

From mice to squirrels, rodents cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to homes each year. They chew through walls and wiring, contaminate the interior with feces and breed in uncontrollable numbers. Some rodents, such as groundhogs, burrow underground and cause dangerous pits in the yard. They also invade gardens and destroy entire crops. Rats and mice carry rodent-borne diseases such as hantavirus, which can be fatal if it's left untreated.

Quality Pest Control in Wexford, PA

Don't let bed bugs, ants and rodents destroy your happy home. Contact Hersh Exterminating for a free quote on all services. We have fought stubborn pests since 1946, and our professional team has the tools and knowledge to treat the pests without harming your household.

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