Winter Pest Control Program

When winter pests come out of the closet, we will send them packing.

By holiday seasons, most outdoor pests will have already made their way inside to "set up house" for the winter. And, as homeowners start bringing coats, warm woolens and holiday decorations out of storage, they often discover previously hidden pest infestations, bringing unwelcome guests into living areas. That's why, in winter, our ALL SEASONS treatment focuses primarily on the interior.

  • We'll carefully inspect your storage areas for signs of hidden pest infestations.
  • Fabric pests, such as moths, carpet beetles, silverfish and mice can cause considerable damage to clothes, book bindings and wallpaper. We will pay particular attention to inspecting your storage spaces, attic and garage for these elusive, yet destructive pests.
  • We'll inspect your home for subterranean termites.
  • Our highly trained technicians will inspect your basement and other hidden areas for this most destructive insect. This way you can be assured that the only ones coming to dinner will be your invited guests.
  • We will treat those areas where pests hide.
  • These areas include your attic, basement and around plumbing and caulking in your bathrooms and kitchen. We will treat areas where cracks and crevices offer shelter to these unwelcome visitors.
  • Our treatment has virtually no odor, so you may never know we have been there. But once we're through, any indoor pests will wish they'd stayed outside in the cold.

Household tips:

  • Store woodpiles off the ground and away from the house to allow for drainage, never in the garage or against the foundation, to reduce the potential for bringing wood roaches, spiders, carpenter ants and beetles into your home.
  • Do not store newspapers, folded grocery bags or extra boxes in the garage or basement, as these offer ideal hiding places for mice and insects.
  • Help eliminate pest hiding places indoors by sealing open areas around baseboards, plumbing, sinks and bathtubs with putty or caulking.

Our ant exterminators in Pittsburgh, Butler, Beaver Falls, New Castle, Hermitage, PA or Youngstown, Columbiana, Salem, Warren, Newton Falls, Ohio help customers with removal and treatment.

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