all seasons planAt Hersh Exterminating Service, Inc. our All Season’s Protection Program will help protect your home all year long.

Our yearly program is specifically designed for residential accounts. We will treat the inside and outside of your home at each of the 3 scheduled service visits. PLUS as many service calls as needed for any of the covered pests.

Early Spring- Early Summer Service

Our Certified Technician will treat the inside & outside with our low odor water base spray. He will also pay particular attention to treat those areas along eaves of your home where polistes wasps like to build their nests.

Mid-Summer to Early Fall Service

We will apply an effective barrier against invading pests plus address any single nests made by bees & wasps. For our inside treatment, we'll check & treat for pests who've already found their way indoors and we'll carefully inspect those areas where mice tend to congregate.

Late Fall to Winter Service

Inside we will treat the areas where pests hide such as along baseboards and cracks and crevices. We will pay particular attention to inspecting your storage spaces, attic and garage for mice. Our highly trained technicians will also pay attention for any signs of termites. 

Covered Pests Included 

  • Small Ants
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Bees/Wasps
  • Carpenter Bees
  • Mice
  • Earwigs
  • Centipedes
  • Millipedes
  • Spiders
  • Pennsylvania Wood Roach 

Even the most well-kept home can be a haven for unwanted pests.

leavesHousehold tips:

  • Inspect your home's exterior carefully for entry points. Seal all cracks, crevices and holes in the foundation, and caulk all windows and weather-strip all doors. Install tight fitting screens over windows and especially attic vents.
  • Store pet food in plastic containers with tight lids, and don't leave pet food out between feedings.
  • Spring is the perfect time to begin preventative maintenance against pests in landscaping. Clear away all grass and leaves around your home's foundation. If you have mulch, make sure the depth is only 2-3 inches thick.
  • Clean all gutters and repair broken downspouts. Check for moisture and open your vents in crawlspaces. Also consider using a sump pump or dehumidifier in damp, leaky basements.
  • Trim back all tree and shrub branches that touch your home's walls and foundations, as these "highways" can provide easy access entry points for rodents and insects.
  • Store woodpiles off the ground and away from the house to allow for drainage, never in the garage or against the foundation to reduce the potential for bring wood roaches, spiders, carpenter ants and beetles into your home.