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antsLaunching a defense to protect your home from invading pests requires a dedicated effort on your part. At Hersh Exterminating, we are experts in protecting your home from pests. We provide service to Beaver Falls and the surrounding areas.

Ant Control

A single ant may look harmless enough, but just one ant can lead hundreds of ants to your home. The worker ant leaves behind an invisible pheromone trail for other ants to follow. Even if you scrub the counters and the floors, ants can detect the smallest crumbs or spills and swarm to the area. Once inside, these small pests invade pantries, countertops and sinks in search of food and water.

Wasps & Bees

In the spring wasps, yellow jackets, hornets and bees fly around looking for areas to start building nests. When early July comes around, you may start to see tiny nests forming. Once we get to late-August early September, these pests start to get aggressive and their nests can be in the hundreds or thousands. We can help prevent nests from forming by treating the exterior of your home’s eaves in the spring. Whether it’s preventive spraying or single nests treatment, we can help.

At Hersh Exterminating, we can treat for ants, bees, and many other types of pests through services that we offer. Please click on All Season’s Protection Program or Specific Services to learn more.

Bed Bugs

Once bed bugs infest a home, they can be hard to eliminate. Although their bite won't cause any major harm, it can cause redness and itching. Bed bug bites often look like red welts, making them difficult to diagnose at first. The fact that bed bugs hid in the crevices of furniture, bed frames, mattress & box springs, walls and flooring compounds the problem, and their hard to see eggs only adds to the mystery. While it's impossible to identify bed bug bites by appearance, a grouping of red marks may signal that you or a family member have been bitten while sleeping. Click here for more information on our bed bug services.

Seeing mud tubing or winged insects in the spring? Termites!? It could be. Click here for more information.

To be sure that your home remains pest-free, call us today to have our professional services at your home. Hersh Exterminating has provided pest control services to Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio for more than half a century. Our services include treatment for ants, carpenter ants, roaches, fleas, termites, bed bugs, bees & wasps, mice and many other types of pests. Contact Hersh Exterminating for a quote. We offer service for both residential & commercial accounts.