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antsPest problems can affect even the cleanest homes and businesses in the local area. If you have encountered any of these common pests, call Hersh Exterminating.

Bees & Wasps

Bees & wasps are wonderful, beneficial creatures. However, they can pose a threat to you and your children, regardless of whether or not you are allergic to their stings. Over wintering queens emerge when the weather warms up and fly around your home’s structure looking for openings and places to build their nest. Whether it’s a spring spray to help prevent bees & wasps from building nests or treating individual nests late in the summer, we can help.

Small Ants & Carpenter Ants

Many local homes have recurring infestations of odorous house ants, pavement ants and other ant species that are found indoors. This problem occurs when ants nest under foundations, driveways, concrete slabs and other inaccessible surfaces around the home.

Generally found outdoors, carpenter ants prefer damp wood that can easily be excavated to build nests. In nature, they mine dead trees, but they can also nest in homes. You may see large blackish ants measuring about one-half of an inch long crawling around the exterior or interior of your home. In severe cases, you might see sawdust filtering out from behind siding or wooden building materials.

We can treat for bees, ants and may others through services that we offer, on click on All Season’s Protection Program or Specific Services.

Bed Bug Control

Except when they're feeding, bed bugs are exceptionally reclusive. They hide in cracks and the seams of furniture and upholstery. In the beginning, infestations are typically confined to sleeping areas. Then, they move to other rooms. This is especially true if homeowners have applied store-bought pesticides. In that case, bed bugs simply disperse to other areas. You're most likely to encounter bed bugs at night and in the early morning. They're flat, oval, brownish and measure one-quarter of an inch long. Click here for more information on our bed bug services.


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Call our office Today! At Hersh Exterminating, we have been serving residential and commercial customers in Grove City, Pa and surrounding areas since 1946. Our service includes treatment for ants, carpenter ants, roaches, fleas, termites, bed bugs, bees & wasps, mice and many other types of pests. We are members of the National Pest Management Association and the Pennsylvania Pest Management Association.