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Since 1946, Hersh Exterminating has been providing top-notch pest control and extermination services in Hermitage, PA and the surrounding areas.

We have a deep understanding of the climate and pests that are common to the area.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate on your own. They are likely to be found on upholstered chairs and couches, as well as mattresses, and with proper conditions, they can survive for up to a year without food. Because of this, it’s crucial to remove bed bugs early, before they can spread throughout your home, infesting your furniture, bedding, and clothing. While bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases to humans, they feed exclusively on blood – and can cause itching at bite sites. Indications of bed bugs are molted casings, blood spots, and fecal matter. Click here for more information on our bed bug services.


It’s difficult to get rid of ants by simply spraying. Spraying the ants that you see is often ineffective as they will most likely return to your home looking for food if the nest isn’t taken care of. By baiting where the ants are seen, they will take it back to the nest to permanently kill it off. Certain ants, such as carpenter ants, damage wood. It’s best to find the nest and treat it directly. Indications of this is finding sawdust and seeing large ants in the home during winter.

Wasp Nest Removal

All wasp nests start from scratch early spring. Over wintering queens emerge when the weather warms up and fly around your home’s structure looking for openings and places to build their nest. When it gets further in the summer these beneficial but pesky insects will no longer be beneficial as they will become aggressive and willing to sting. Whether it’s a spring spray to help prevent bees & wasps from building nests or treating individual nests late in the summer, we can help.

We can treat for these through services that we offer, on click on All Season’s Protection Program or Specific Services.


Termite damage cannot be underestimated. Left to their own devices, termites can ruin the entire structure of your home by eating through wooden beams.

Termites are responsible for over $5 billion in property damage every year. This is because termites live in the ground and enter in small openings around the home. Termites shun the light and will go in dark places within the walls and beams of your home – it’s common to not notice them until your home is already compromised. Things to look for:

  • Mud tubes on exterior surfaces surrounding your home
  • Long wings discarded near windows, vents and baseboards

For more information on how we can treat for termites click here.

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