Moon, PA Pest Control

If you’re in the Moon, PA area and in need of the services of a seasoned, professional extermination company, look no further than Hersh Exterminating Services.

We understand the unique conditions that homeowners and property management companies face in the Moon, PA area. The location of Moon, PA near the Ohio River and the fertile land of Allegheny County supports the sustainability of lots of insects and other species – and some of that life can make its way into your home, unwanted.

Ants are especially common – they can make their way into your home from their colonies in the rich soil of Moon, PA. And where ants are prevalent, spiders aren’t far behind. Where there’s food for spiders, they’ll thrive, so you’ll often get simultaneous spider and ant infestations in Moon, PA.

The temperate climate of northern Pennsylvania provides an ideal location for bees to establish large nests, feeding off of the wildflowers that are common to the area. This can be a real problem if they nest near your home.


Ants are a huge problem in temperate climates. Ant infestations can get out of hand quickly, as colonies are generally made up of thousands of ants. These ants find food and deliver it to the queen of the colony as she breeds, continuing the colony’s growth.

In Pennsylvania, there are three primary types of ants that are pests.

  • Carpenter Ants – These large, black ants measure around ⅝ of an inch in length, and are the most common ants in Moon, PA. The “carpenter” moniker is derived from their nesting places in damp wood. Unlike termites, they don’t consume this wood, but if many carpenter ants nest in a piece of wood, its structural integrity can be compromised.
  • Pavement Ant – These reddish-brown ants are about ⅛ inch long, and typically nest in the cracks and crevices of driveways, sidewalks, and landscaping pavers, but can also nest in the concrete foundation of your home.

  • Odorous House Ant – These black-dark brown ants prefer to live in homes, and earn their name from the distinct smell that they give off when crushed. They are attracted to sugary foods – which can be found in spades in most homes.

Because of the rapid proliferation of ants, it’s important to deal with them as quickly as you can – before they get the chance to breed further. Contact a pest control professional to deal with your infestation, and get back to an ant-free life.


Spiders are actually your friends for most pest-control purposes. They can eat and dispose of other harmful insects like ants, termites, and others, making them a very benign presence in your home, and most spiders are harmless to humans.

However, in the Moon, PA region, both brown recluse and black widow spiders can be found, and these spiders present serious dangers to you and your families.

Brown Recluse – These spiders have a uniformly-colored brown body, are covered with fine hairs, six eyes, and are under ½ inch in diameter. Their bites pose significant danger to small children, though adults can usually recover quickly under medical treatment.

Black Widow – These spiders can be identified by the red hourglass shape on their abdomen. If you have a black widow in your home, contact pest control immediately. They are some of the most venomous spiders in the world and pose a huge danger to you and your family.

Most other spiders in Moon, PA are somewhat harmless – wolf spiders and hobo spiders can bite humans, but this is rare, and these bites only require medical treatment in extreme cases.

If you have a spider problem, contact a professional exterminator like Hersh. We’ll analyze your home and see what sorts of spider problems you have – and make recommendations for the reduction or elimination of your spider population.


Bees are wonderful, fascinating creatures – but they can be deadly. Wild bees that surround your home can pose a threat to you and your children, regardless of whether or not you are allergic to their stings.

Generally, bees avoid stinging people unless they are disturbed or threatened, but they can still be a real nuisance if they establish residence in your home’s gutters, siding, or near your garage.

Pest control experts should be contracted to remove bees – the only way to do so permanently is to remove the entire nest from your home, which will require specialized equipment to protect from stings.

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