Pest Control Service Areas

Doing business in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio for more than six decades, Hersh Exterminating Service has first-hand experience in treating the pests that are found in this area. All of our technicians receive extensive training in locating, identifying and eliminating these pests.

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Hersh Exterminating services all cities & towns in the following counties:


Mercer County, PA

Lawrence County, PA

Beaver County, PA

Butler County, PA

Allegheny County, PA (north)

New Castle, PA

Beaver Falls, PA

Hermitage, PA


Trumbull County, OH

Mahoning County, OH

Columbiana County, OH

Thank you for choosing Hersh Exterminating. We are a full service pest control company who offers residential pest control, commercial pest control, and our All Seasons Program.

Our All Seasons Program offers spring, summer, fall, and winter pest control services against rodentsants, centipedes and millipedes, spiders, beesand more.