Warren, OH Pest Control Services


Bedbug 2When certain pests invade homes, they can multiply quickly and rob home occupants of their comfort. These are some of the most common and problematic pests in Warren & surrounding areas.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are brown, flat, round and very tiny. They are usually brought home by children or adults and may come from hotels, friends' homes, workplaces and schools. Bed bugs prefer to hide in furniture, baseboards and mattresses. Since they avoid light, finding infestations can be tricky. Look for their shed exoskeletons and reddish-brown excrement that looks like dirt. Another sign of their presence is the appearance of itchy red bumps on home occupants. To avoid spreading bed bugs to other people’s homes, have them treated immediately. Click here for more information on our bed bug services.


A single small ant may look harmless enough, but just one ant can lead hundreds of ants to your home. Ants leaves behind an invisible pheromone trail for other ants to follow. Even if you scrub the counters and the floors, ants can detect the smallest crumbs and swarm to the area.

Carpenter ants, which are medium to large size ants, nest exclusively in wood and voids in buildings. They look for areas that have moisture. Carpenter ants will nest in water-damaged areas such as roofs, around water pipes that are leaking, and windows that are not properly sealed. If you find saw dust or see these ants in the winter time, that’s a big indicator that they are nesting in the wood of your home.

Preventive Spray for Bees & Wasps

Generally, bees avoid stinging people unless they are disturbed or threatened, but they can still be a real nuisance if they establish residence in your home’s gutters, siding, or near your garage. If your house or condo has any openings in its exterior that are at least a quarter of an inch long ― for instance, cracks in screens, siding, or the foundation ― bees may be able to make their way inside & build their nests. Whether it’s a spring spray to help prevent bees & wasps from building nests or treating individual nests late in the summer, we can help.

We can treat for these through services that we offer, on click on All Season’s Protection Program or Specific Services


Finding winged insects in the spring or mud tubing in basement? Might be Termites. Click Here for more information on these costly pests. 


Hersh Exterminating has been providing professional services to residential and commercial accounts since 1946. Our services include treatment for ants, carpenter ants, roaches, fleas, termites, bed bugs, bees & wasps, mice and many other types of pests. We use expert technicians, advanced technology, and time-tested techniques to ensure your home is pest-free. Contact us today!